Why Every Brand Needs a Customer Ordering Portal

How many visitors on your website WISH they could purchase your products right there?


Depending on which bit of research you believe, somewhere between 20-35% of visitors to commercial furniture websites wish they could purchase what they’re searching for on the spot. But historically, the industry has forced these customers to enter a complicated web of online forms to get routed to a rep, only to get routed to a dealer, sometimes just to find out that their need for one chair or one table is just too small for the dealership to care about. 

Don’t get us wrong. Dealers are an integral part of the furniture ecosystem. Complicated standards, white-glove install, bespoke solutions – they’re the kings and queens of this world. But ask any dealer how much they enjoy getting an order for a single task chair – their facial expression will tell you everything you need to know. 



That’s why Customer Ordering Portals are becoming one of the fastest-growing trends in the industry. The majors (Steelcase, Herman Miller, etc) pioneered these first as opportunities to offer their products to a “Work From Home” audience. But they, and many others, quickly realized the power of saying “yes” to customers who are already following a brand. So if the majors have made this standard, and industry leaders like Exemplis (aka SitOnIt Seating) have offered this for years, what’s holding you up?

Cayke exists to make the transition to digital inclusive and easy for ALL parts of the industry – and Customer Ordering Portals are just one facet of that experience. We’re helping brands say yes to more customers while including back-end capabilities to give credits to lead sources like reps and dealers. If this is a pain point for your brand, we’d love to help. Some of the brands for whom we’ve built COP’s (yes we just made that acronym up) are even willing to get on a video call and walk you through why they made the leap and what their experience was like. 

What have you got to lose?