Three Ways to Drive Traffic Your Cayke Shop

Did you know there are three types of e-commerce revenue?!

You may think there’s just “one way” for your brand to win with e-commerce. We’re here to (respectfully) correct the record. So let’s lay it out for you:

– Pay to Win (via Brand)

– Pay to Win (via List)

– Convert your Fans (via Historical)

Our goal is to guide brands into the world of e-commerce and help them convert opportunities they’ve historically missed out on. Understanding these three types of revenue is a crucial step in maximizing the platform. 


Path #1: Pay to Win (Creating “Your List” by Leveraging Your Brand)

Let’s fast forward to a magical, theoretical world where your Cayke shop is complete. Your products look great, the experience is easy to understand, but now you need to drive traffic! One of the most common ways is to leverage paid marketing online. 

This could look like Google AdWords campaigns, social media ads, influencer campaigns, retargeting ads, or any number of opportunities to put your brand in front of prospective buyers. You want to attract as many eyeballs as possible and trust the marketing funnel we’ve built together to convert these to sales. This is an essential part of the process. You don’t open a store in a new town and tell no one that you’re there, right? This analogy holds true for e-commerce. You need the equivalent of “digital billboards” to get people interested in what you have to offer. 

This can be difficult if you’re new to it, and costs/strategies are changing all the time. For these reasons, it shouldn’t be your ONLY method of driving e-commerce revenue.


Path #2: Pay to Win (Purchasing a List or a Curated Audience)

If you’re in sales or marketing in the furniture industry, you’ve likely been peppered with dozens of emails asking if you’d like to acquire the NeoCon attendee list, or a “vetted list of facility managers” that meet your target market. While we caution brands to dive into this deep end (legal issues, email deliverability issues, and overall brand degradation), there is merit to building your list in an intentional manner. 

We could write an entirely separate blog on what to stay away from (admission, it’s easier to just call us). But trust us, there is a way to do this well, and we can guide you. Path #1 is expensive and can take a while to get momentum. With the right marketing vehicle and ability to tell your story, Path #2 can get you a targeted audience sooner than later.


Path #3: Convert Your Fans (Making Things Simpler for Your Existing Customers)

You may be curious why this is Path #3. Isn’t this the most obvious route? Of course it is. But if you use Path #3 as your only strategy to boost e-commerce sales, you will be disappointed in the results. We put it last because OF COURSE you’re going to try and position your e-commerce offering to existing customers. There are countless best practices to getting your existing customers to see, respect, and use your e-commerce offering (cough: Cayke Shop). Here are a few that we recommend. 

A few ways companies are doing this is by:

– Are you surveying your customers about what they love (and hate) about the experience your brand gave them?

– Tying the story you’re telling on your website, to your Cayke shop, your social media experience, and even the way your customer service team answers the phone?

– Are you capturing, AND sharing the best reviews your products get?

– Are you engaging with your customers year-round, even when you don’t have something to sell them? 

– How can you blow your customers away with the shipping and/or installation experience? 


The last, but maybe most important piece of advice we have is that connecting with your customers on a human level is incredibly important. It’s not about pop-up ads or tricky Google campaigns. It’s about offering something worth investigating. The most successful e-commerce companies create a relationship with their customers, care about their pain points, and create content that isn’t solely self-serving (another thing we’d love to help with). 


Did anything above whet your appetite? Are you ready to get baking? Get in touch with our team and we’d be thrilled to walk you through even more steps.