Our “Y”

We Promise We Aren’t A Pyramid Scheme


There has always been a disconnect in the furniture world. Telling your friends you work in “commercial furniture” immediately triggers questions about how you compete with IKEA and Wayfair. And while most people “don’t get it,” there is some truth to their questions that we think the industry should stop ignoring. It’s a pretty simple truth that has been staring us all in the face for a while – the world wants to buy furniture in new and different ways. They want to order a task chair on their phone. They want to live chat with a person who speaks their language and explains how to make their office experience better.

And the major players in the commercial furniture world – the dealers and the manufacturers – have been on the sidelines for too long. We believe it’s time to meet customers where they are, to use technology to sell more and improve the customer experience. It’s time we get away from endless phone calls, emails, and (gulp) faxing purchase orders.

And we get it, e-commerce is scary and 50+ year old furniture brands don’t natively speak the language of the internet. In the simplest terms possible, we make commercial furniture a piece of Cayke. Our technology empowers manufacturers, dealers, commercial real estate, and even end-users to create the shopping experience they have always wanted. It starts on a tech back bone, and from there there are endless opportunities for Cayke shops that change the way furniture is procured.




Information – everyone deserves it, and our platform is built to unlock the pieces that have been missing for far too long. Information means transparency. Transparency means smarter decisions. Smarter decisions means a better experience and huge cost savings.

The Human Touch – you may hear “technology is our backbone” and think of a faceless Amazon experience. That’s not who we are at Cayke. There are real people building Cayke, and these people must be authentic and reachable… which leads to…

Design – it’s what sets commercial furniture apart, but our experiences and products must be designed with real intention. Often, the most simple designs were the hardest to orchestrate, and we believe that to be true about the product we’re creating.




Manufacturers – Cayke can unlock the relationship between brands and their customers. Any slightly progressive brand is already thinking it… “how can I get closer to my customers?” We believe the answer is NOT through Amazon carts or shadow sister brands. Why can’t “Brand X” upload their catalog to their own Cayke Shop and directly reach customers? It’s estimated that 25-30% of traffic to these brands’ sites are already from their end users. We just believe these people have a right to purchase at this point.

CRE – These essential industry stakeholders can often unlock enormous properties in an instant. An increasing part of their value proposition to their customers is making things turnkey, including furniture. But few brands have built the tools for CRE to integrate into their customers. And the ones that have sport a narrow product offering that doesn’t blend with the design intent or existing standards of their customers. What if a CRE firm could create a Cayke shop for each of their major clients, giving them the seamless buying experience and rich data that empowers their customers? These shops can be brand-agnostic and built for performance and scalability.

Dealers – Currently the gatekeepers of commercial furniture, these regional powerhouses are also searching for a solution to offer their brands to existing accounts. With local brand recognition and respect, dealers could benefit from Cayke Shops that demonstrate their knowledge of their markets, customers, and trends. These shops can be created by-customer or for vertical market penetration attempts. Simply put, Cayke can take months (or years) of development time and cost and create a conduit for dealers to serve their customers even faster.