How to Start Small with Your Brand’s E-Commerce Experience

Baking something special doesn’t always mean it needs 100 ingredients. Some of the most delicious concoctions have few elements. But they are combined at the right time, in the right order to achieve something memorable.

That’s how we feel about helping brands develop their e-commerce experience. We won’t move the industry forward overnight. Honestly the reason it hasn’t shifted as quickly as other industries is that we’ve made the commercial furniture world very complex. It takes the average rookie dealer sales rep almost a year to understand pricing of commercial furniture alone!

And in an industry where we’ve been great at making things complicated, it can often be a lot of work to make it simple for customers. But that’s why we’re here, to help brands simplify on the path to reaching more customers. Here are a few helpful tips:


Limit Your Offering

Choose the best products and the best finishes only. Not only will it make it easier as you create assets (marketing speak for images, renderings, descriptions, etc), but it will also make it easier for a customer to navigate your shopping cart. Be confident about the things your brand does well. Over time, you can always add more. But signing up for hundreds of SKUs from the jump just makes adoption and conversion less likely. Let’s put it in Cayke’s favorite terminology, food. The more simple a recipe, the easier it is for your system to digest. And that’s what we aim to give customers, something they can digest easily right?


Be Clear About the Experience

If you have long-term projects and education efforts aimed at interior designers, corporate real estate, and Fortune 500 end users as the core focus of your website, is an e-commerce option going to seem confusing? Probably. That’s why we help brands with site architecture and messaging. There is a time and a place to offer simple and quick solutions for your audience. Starting small means knowing how to get people where they want to go quickly. 


Trust the Experts (cough, cough)

Have you developed an ecommerce platform before? Do you understand the buyer’s journey from initial inquiry to purchase? Is credit card processing and shipping calculation something you dream of? Don’t worry if the answer is no, because it’s what we geek out about. We’re all about partnering with brands in this key step. 

We help you with the web development, the assortment selection, the pricing strategy, and the brand narrative. Our fees are intentionally low up-front because we know the proof is in the (bread) pudding. When you win, we win. 


Are you ready to get baking? Get in touch with our team and we’d be thrilled to walk you through even more steps.